Snail Caviar

Oh, this amazing snail caviar!

snail caviar

Snail caviar, which has an earthy taste with a touch of autumn leaves and porcini mushrooms, is now a gastronomic novelty in European countries. Now it is used everywhere, from crostini to additives in meat snacks.

Sicilian breeders have figured out how to make popular mollusks increase the frequency of clutch laying. The average industrial process in agricultural companies in Italy and Spain lasts up to three years. But the new Italian business case reduced this period to nine months. David, one of the founders of the snail breeding company, said that the secret of reproduction lies in a special balanced feed. It should include legumes, cereals, saturated with calcium and minerals. Using such feeding, gastropods grow much faster than when eating fresh grass in the natural environment.

Collecting snails caviar is a laborious, but very profitable business. A 30-gram jar of finished products is priced at over 40 euros.

As for the statistical estimates, in 2016 Europeans ate 50 thousand tons of snails, ahead of Americans with their 40 thousand tons. By the way, Spain is less dependent on imports than the French provinces. Basically, the most volume of mollusks used in the Mediterranean are bred in the country itself: from Piedmont in the south to Puglia and Sicily in the north.

Funny enough, this industry is one of the few that can cope with the current economic crisis. The Italian company was created eleven years ago by David and Sansone and was based on the experience of working with snail breeders in Spain, Greece, Japan.

Now the technological innovations of the Italian company are already used by more than two hundred manufacturers in Spain, Slovenia, Albania and Bulgaria, which introduce advanced technologies. At the present, about 2 million snails of six varieties live and actively breed on the farm.

Since ancient times, rich gourmets have tried to try more and more extravagant dishes around the world. Snail caviar is a delicious variety of caviar made from the freshly processed ground snail eggs. In the English articles, the delicacy appears under the exotic name “Pearls of Aphrodite”, which is for good reason.

Well-known restaurateurs and culinary specialists all over the world introduce grape snail caviar with their stunning gastronomic delights.

What drinks and dishes is snail caviar served with? The white snail caviar is suitable as a snack for champagne wines. The pearl-like snail caviar is also pickled by various methods and added to soups. The most popular exclusive caviar dishes are croutons or cocotte with pearl caviar and yogurt sauce.

You can serve it in soups, hot salads, and as a main dish going with strong high-proof cocktails. It is also very interesting in the form of a traditional appetizer with snail caviar on rye cracker with cream.

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