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Success of new snail caviar business

snail caviar snack

Basically, products with grape snail caviar are intended for aesthetes and restaurateurs. Snail caviar appeals to chefs, gourmets, experimenters.

Senior Ervias presented his goods at a culinary exhibition in the Catalan village of Cadiz, where he announced his intention to sell pasta from snail caviar, created according to an exclusive recipe.

The farmer’s company sold 550 kg of snail caviar in 2016, which was only the second year of operation. In 2017, the entrepreneur planned to sell more than 900 kilograms of magic caviar, as well as pasta and souffle with a “new crop” of snails and their caviar.

Senor Trobalon owns his 1.5 hectare plot, which is 36 kilometers from Barcelona. He ​​is absolutely sure that the demand for pearl caviar will grow even more. He tells how he first learned about the prospects of snail breeding when he read about Provence breeders, real gurus in the selection of agricultural grape snails.

Now he collects about 60 kilograms of snail caviar every year: “We already have our own niche in the culinary market, but I see that it will still grow and expand. Business people became interested and started talking about this product, and we prepared for the rapid increase in the use of snail caviar. ”

After five years of trial and error, Trobalon found out that snails grow well on top of cereals and green vegetables, and it is better to settle them in small tubes, above the floor, with a moderate layer of earth. Around the perimeter and next to it, the wiring is mounted which prevents the escape of snails from the corral.

Every fall and late spring snails are buried in the ground laying about 4 grams of eggs: from 70 to 120 scattered “pearls”. In early May the first eggs of the new crop are already harvested. Then they are chilled and sterilised, after which they are salted and packaged.

Snails, by the way, can also be bred for meat. More than 100 producers in Spain participate in this business, but this doesn’t seem interesting to Trabalon.

Josep Marcela, the president of the association of the snail cultivation and selection, commented: “It’s great that people reopened the grape snail and especially its delicate caviar. Some foodies even called them “earthen oysters.” Now the demand for snail caviar is very large, since it has an unforgettable mushroom taste.

As a result, there is a need to pickle them in any product that complements the taste, such as herbs or salt. Due to the labour-consuming nature of collecting snail caviar, producers will still focus on breeding grape snails for eating their delicious meat. Nowadays this market is more extensive, but let’s see what happens in a couple of years ”.

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