Snail Caviar

Snail caviar therapy for youth and beauty

girl and snail

Not everyone knows that procedures involving a grape snail are a great way to preserve female beauty and youth. Even in ancient Rome, they didn’t just eat land gastropods, but also used their medicinal properties, on the advice of doctors. With their help, various inflammatory skin processes were treated (with a mixture of cottage cheese and snail mucus).

It is known that the mucus of Mediterranean snails contains elastin (protein), which causes skin cells to regenerate and helps to quickly eliminate various skin lesions. Including those ones after aggressive cosmetic procedures.

In the beauty industry, they quickly discovered snail abilities and began to use mollusks to eliminate striae, wounds, scars, acne on the skin. The grape gastropod perfectly copes with these and many other tasks.

Mediterranean gastropods are used as small massagers, easily relaxing facial mimic muscles (those whose tension contributes to the appearance of wrinkles).

Live mask made of snail caviar 

Snails can and should be used in everyday conditions without spending money on expensive beauty salons.

To do this, wash your snails in water (not necessarily hot). Prepare your skin for a life-giving mask: carefully remove makeup and wipe with milk. Then place the snails on damaged, dry areas of the skin. The procedure can be started from 10 minutes, bringing it to 35-40, after a “walk”, let the mollusk gain strength by returning it to the house, treat it delicious, the next day mucus production will be restored for the second procedure. Another method of snail therapy and nourishment is putting snail caviar onto your dry or damaged skin.   It will fit those ladies who don’t feel comfortable with snails on their faces.

Evenly rub the mucus remaining on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes until it is absorbed, gently remove excess with a dry cloth. No need to rub! After the procedure, you will feel the freshness and vitality of your skin and will certainly wish to continue the course.

These manipulations are preferably carried out every other day or at least 2-3 times a week. This method also has opponents who doubt that snail mucus is an effective, serious and proven method of research.

So, dermatovenerologist Robert argues that the mucus of a grape gastropod is just moisture, the application of which to the skin has no reason.

Skin can be so different, so anyway you should try it out! After applying smails or snail caviar masks you will see the effect with your own eyes.

Mediterranean snail therapy works from the inside out

Fillets of the Mediterranean gastropod have unique properties as well. Bioavailable active compounds make it not only a delicious component of diet food, but also a raw material for cosmeceuticals. In the UK, a highly concentrated extract is made, to create a single dose of which more than one and a half thousand snails are used. Nevertheless, this dose is sufficient to maintain strength and energy for a person who has been in the extreme conditions for several weeks.

Recent  scientific’ studies have shown that mucus from special glands of the escargot selectively acts on specific bacteria (holds them together), which is used in the treatment of respiratory infections such as whooping cough, bronchitis or silicosis.

Snail medications also help nullify the inevitable side effects of antibiotics. Since snail meat is a food enriched with calcium and polyunsaturated fatty acids, a diet based on snail meat is recommended in cases of childhood rickets and high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

The high content of mineral salts and iron in it is useful when carrying a baby and breastfeeding. Since snail fillet is almost fat free, those who suffer from liver disease, clogged vessels, diabetes and being overweight can eat it.

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