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Snail caviar is a new gastronomic discovery!

snail caviar

Granular grapevine snail caviar is a delicious and fragrant delicacy with truly amazing nutritional qualities. Escargot caviar color varies from beige-pearl to snow-white. It contains a highly concentrated cocktail of vitamins A, D, E, C and B which are easily absorbed by both young and adult people. A long list of vital mineral and valuable proteins complements the balanced composition of the product.

First and foremost, it gives vital energy to your body. Snail caviar restores the cardiovascular system, improves the functioning of the thyroid gland and reproductive system. It is even suitable for specialised nutrition of both professional athletes and people applying cosmetic diets.

Not only snail is famous by its caviar, but also by its snail mucus. It is used in the premium segment of anti-aging cosmeceutical substances. In addition, mucus is part of an excellent baby cough syrup. The recent observations of scientists have shown that mucus from special glands of the cochlea selectively acts on specific bacteria (holds them together), which is used in the treatment of respiratory infections such as whooping cough, bronchitis, silicosis.

Snail caviar as a new gastronomic discovery

Chefs around the world have long been aware of the incredible shades of the taste of pearl caviar. Connoisseurs call the snail caviar “forest pearls” for its unique smell, similar to the aroma of the oak leaves and porcini mushrooms on a rainy summer day.

The famous Catalan culinary specialist Feran Adria, whose restaurant was famous for its innovative dishes, tested many experimental recipes using grapevine snails and their caviar.

This rare ingredient has finally appeared on retail sale. Recently they started selling small jars of the delicacy known as pearl caviar to one of the most famous shopping centres in London.

This sophisticated appetizer was created specifically for cava or sherry, an original Spanish national drink. “First, people were afraid to even try a new product,” the farmers say. “But already after the first portion their fear vanished, they were fascinated by this dish and asked for more and more.”

Collecting precious caviar requires perfect precision and thorough attention from a specialist. Caviar attracted gourmets and broke consumer records quite soon. A small can of thirty grams is sold on the domestic market at a price of five thousand rubles. The snail caviar s sold abroad at a much more expensive price (at least three times more).

The fillet of grapevine snails has long been a recognised delicacy of the Mediterranean cuisine and not only this one. In small-town restaurants of the old world, this is not a delicacy, but a quite everyday familiar dish. But probably, not everyone knew about such a delicacy as caviar of grapevine snails, and only a few had the opportunity to taste it.


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