Snail Caviar

How to choose and where to get the best snail caviar


How to choose and where to get fresh grape snail caviar:

  • pay attention to the composition line: it should read caviar of grape snail or Mediterranean snail (Helix aspersa Maxima or Helix aspersa Muller);
  • check the date of caviar production (not sales) on a jar with snail caviar; the expiration date of unpasteurized caviar: up to four months, canned food: 11-13 months; 
  • find out if you got  fresh caviar by putting a couple of eggs on a plate; the eggs should bounce and easily separate from each other (this is a significant difference from sturgeon caviar, for example), and grape snail eggs are not so easy to keep on bread, and the eggs look like pearls;
  • caviar of grape gastropod does not have any variety, it is a premium product, and all products made of it feature a premium level (first grade, second or top grade is not indicated on the package);
  • salty caviar of Mediterranean snail can have a shade of a light gray pearl.

Industrial breeders (extra – premium segment) divide the types of gastropod caviar using specialized marking depending on the color of the eggs: 0 – the darkest tone (Dark), 00 – light tone, (Medium), 000 – extra light pearl (Lightest), 000 – requires special selection events, one of the most expensive species.

Now you can decode different “signs” that can be stamped on the snail caviar label.

By the way, escargot caviar can even be pink, without the use of dyes, thanks to the special salting technology. This is not a standard color, but you can surprise experienced chefs and connoisseurs with pink pearl caviar!

“Pearls of Aphrodite” can be canned, both not pasteurized and pasteurized (this affects the shelf life of caviar goods).

The ideal mollusk caviar is made in accordance with All-Union State Standard. It contains salt and caviar of Helix aspersa snail, and that’s it, no dyes and no preservatives.

Generally, the shelf life of snail caviar is two to three months, at a temperature of + 2C, + 3C.

It is often produced in glass jars of 100, 50, 30 and 10 grams.

“Of course, it was not easy to create an industrial process in such a highly wanted field and achieve recognition among colleagues and competitors of an amazing, new taste trend,” — notes Maria, the co-owner of the snail breeding farm.  Snail caviar producers have overcome all three stages of acceptance of innovation by the public:

1. “This should never be!”

Competitors in the culinary industry were skeptical of the triumph of the snail farm in the CIS, moreover, they didn’t believe in the further successful development of the industry.

2 . “Mmm …. there is something in it”

Finally, the cooks of the traditional cuisine found it interesting to use the new component, after reading the recipes of noble dishes of famous chefs.

3 . “Incredible! Just as it should be! “(Gastronomic demand grew and in our country gourmets fell in love with this product, unique in its properties).

Our technologists have achieved delicate salting and thin egg walls, these are global signs of a high-quality product. The consumer liked the new delicacy, and we are ready to please connoisseurs of healthy cuisine and lovers of thrills.

Where to get snail caviar or the “pearl of Aphrodite”?

  • on the official websites like in Russia and in Ukraine;
  •  in the largest shopping centers;
  • in retail chains and restaurants of the elite class.
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