Red caviar

Where does coho salmon live and what kind of life does it lead?

What to combine coho salmon caviar with and how to choose fresh and high-quality caviar

red caviar

Where does white salmon live?

The natural habitat of coho salmon in the waters of Asia stretches along the coast of Kamchatka from the Anadyr River to the northwestern territory of the rivers of the Sea of Okhotsk.

There are also known cases of catching white salmon in the east of the Sakhalin and Hokkaido rivers.

This type of fish is mostly common in the Pacific Ocean, on its North American coast. Coho salmon can be found in these places from Alaska to California, namely the Sacramento River.

In various water bodies, it does not have a specific habitat; it can be located both at depth and in shallow water.

Depending on the habitat, coho salmon can be of different types. The difference between these species from each other lies in their size. The largest individuals live in North America.

In Asian waters, the maximum length of fish can reach 88 centimeters, and the body weight of the largest specimen cannot exceed seven kilograms. At the same time, males of silver salmon are larger than females of their family.

Features of spawning of coho salmon

  • Sexual maturity in coho salmon occurs during the third or fourth year of life. In freshwater reservoirs, maturation occurs a little earlier. From June to December, fish gather in the rivers.
  • On the territory of Kamchatka, the process of catching coho salmon is divided into summer, winter and autumn.
  • In summer, individuals reproduce from September to October, in autumn from November to December, and in winter from December to February.
  • During the spawning period, all individuals dress up in amating suit“: their body becomes dark purple. The shape of the body and head changes, a barely noticeable bulge appears.
  • The upper jaw turns into a beak hanging slightly from the lower jaw, and teeth grow. Females change much less frequently than males.
  • After spawning, all individuals die. During spawning, the fish eat nothing.

What does silver salmon eat?

Since the coho is a representative of the salmonids, as well as their relatives, the fish is a predator. Therefore, the main components of the diet are fish fry, eggs of other fish, various insects, crustaceans, plankton, squid and larvae.

Young individuals mainly eat insects and larvae. With age, fish become more predatory and their diet vary.

Fish has been working hard and long to create the perfect food productcaviar.

This is not an exaggeration, since coho salmon caviar is a concentrate of vitalityand you need to scoop it up with a deep spoon!

How to choose the best coho salmon caviar?

Choose high quality silver salmon caviar without flavors or harmful preservatives;

Choose caviar with the lowest salt concentration;

Make sure all eggs are whole, elastic and glossy!

Coho salmon caviar is an extravaganza of taste in every egg and the fullness of benefits and health from Mother Nature!

Coho salmon caviar will become an adornment on every table, be it classic sandwiches with green parsley, a mix of seafood, canapes, croutons or hardboiled eggs with hollandaise sauce.

All these delicacies with red caviar are not only status, benefits and premium taste, but also an aesthetic pleasure for gourmets. Among other things, it is a natural and healthy product.

A smart and reliable choice for those looking for the best white salmon caviar at a fair price.

Only natural and legal caviar

  • Since our products do not contain harmful preservatives and the salt concentration is reduced, they cannot be stored for a long time.
  • Try to follow the storage conditions and standards indicated on the packaging. The products do not have unpleasant chemical smells.
  • Coho salmon caviar exudes health, pleasure and a delicate marine aroma.
  • Many years of our experience with red caviar and seafood in general will allow you to discover the natural and seafood delicacies that are so necessary in the complex daily life. For us, this is not a routine duty, but a great honor and responsibilityto give people pleasure and satisfy their highest requirements for their favorite delicacy.


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