Red caviar

What makes sockeye caviar unique?

Which red caviar is more delicious: sockeye or chum salmon?

red caviar on pancakes

Salmon caviar has a wide variety of species. Many gourmets distinguish them by taste, others by size or shade of eggs. But, nevertheless, any sort of your favorite delicacy is unique and perfect.

Salmon caviar and sockeye caviar are very different in taste and smell, although these delicacies are obtained from the same fish species.

What are their differences?

The most useful Far Eastern fish is sockeye salmon, which lives in the northern part of the Pacific zone. Sockeye salmon ripens early and starts spawning in the beginning of May, which gives us the opportunity to taste the fresh caviar of the new season in early summer. The red sockeye salmon is a relatively small fish (its length is ~ 65 cm, weight is ~ 3 kg). It gives small eggs of a dark scarlet hue (up to 3 mm).

This extraordinary color, as well as the tangy taste with barely noticeable bitterness, distinguishes red sockeye caviar from more traditional salmon varieties. In the Russian market, real sockeye salmon is not often found, because this fish swims along the coast of America.


Sockeye caviar has a rather unusual taste, which is a bit similar to the taste of salted red fish fillets. Soft sockeye eggs are a preference of sophisticated connoisseurs.

Sockeye caviar is full of the most delicate taste, and it is difficult to confuse it with other types of delicacies. The main advantages of this caviar are its rich and interesting aftertaste, elegant aromatic composition and thin delicate skin of the eggs.

External features of sockeye caviar

Sockeye salmon and pink salmon caviar are also very different in appearance and taste. Pink salmon caviar is one of the largest types of caviar among others. The grain diameter can be up to 8 mm. Sockeye caviar, on the other hand, is small, no more than 4 mm in diameter.

For this reason, the taste sensations are so differentchum salmon fills the mouth with a spicy and luxurious taste, and red salmon caviar leaves the sensation of individual juicy grains.

The presentable appearance of red caviar is ideal for decorating culinary masterpieces. Large, identical eggs will attract everyone’s attention and delight guests. At the same time, chum salmon is an excellent option for daily use, when taste is more important than external appeal.

The aroma of sockeye caviar is pronounced, it smells like fresh salmon. Chum salmon caviar reveals a delicate bouquet, with hints of salt gradually.

Nutritional value of red caviar

Absolutely all red caviar is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. Different types of red caviar hardly differ in nutritional value. The content of vitamins A, B, D, C, PP is practically the same in different types of salmon roe. This is a unique source of nutrients, thanks to which immunity is strengthened, blood formation and metabolism are improved. You can sing the praises of the beneficial properties of caviar for a long time, but it is better to taste this delicacy and make sure of its benefits personally.

Nowadays caviar is easy to buy online. The choice of the type of caviar depends only on the preferences and tastes of buyers.

Caution! Barbarian catch of sockeye caviar

Many years ago, the production of red caviar was not provided on an industrial scale, and this was the reason for the use of unsustainable tricks.

As you know, the peculiarity of salmon species is that they live in the Far Eastern seas, but reappear where they were born, that is, in the rivers flowing into these seas. These are the rivers of the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Primorye, etc.

In fact, so that raw materials never run out, all you have to do is release as many fry each year as you catch.

In other words, we build a plant for breeding and fattening the young, then we release them to the sea and wait for them to come back to the farmmature and with caviar!

The catch is not regulated in any way, the level of control of the goods is low. Females die during the extraction of eggs.

In the Far East, they have been doing this for several decades. For example, on the island of Iturup, there are more than 30 fish factories, each of which raises fry and produces caviar and fish processing.

Choose a sockeye caviar producer wisely and your table will be decorated with a delicious, healthy and legal treat. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the assortment of proven brands on our website

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