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Choosing red caviar: pitfalls and secrets of caviar producers

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Manipulations for giving red caviar saleable condition can be carried out in absolutely any circumstances. To do this, just add a certain amount of potassium permanganate solution to the spoiled caviar. Such a solution completely neutralizes the smell of the spoiled product. In addition to eliminating unpleasant odors, the potassium permanganate disinfects eggs, destroying the most harmful microorganisms and the toxins secreted by them.  Not scared yet?

Adding a small amount of potassium permanganate, washing red caviar in it really makes it “safe” for the consumer by eliminating the obvious signs of the product spoilage (unpleasant odor or taste).

A distinctive feature of red caviar washed in potassium permanganate is that after such a procedure, the eggs completely lose their natural glance. To restore the shine of eggs in such a spoiled product, it is enough to add a small amount of ordinary sunflower oil. Adding oil makes it easy to separate the spoiled eggs from each other, giving them a characteristic shine.   This makes the  poisoned caviar  almost  unrecognizable.

How to remove the bitterness in the taste of the spoiled caviar?

To do this, it is enough to add the most ordinary and cheap ascorbic acid (sweet baby ascorbic acid) to the raw materials (red caviar), after grinding the tablets. Even such simple manipulations allow you to return the spoiled product to the mall, giving it a “second life”. Caviar processed in this way resembles an absolutely fresh and high-quality product.

There’s another  terrible  way to cheat a consumer

Some producers also deceive the buyer by adding polyphosphate compounds to the spoiled red caviar. Such simple technique allows dishonest sellers to sell the spoiled red caviar, mixed with cheap powders, at the price of a quality product.

Moreover, the addition of polyphosphate compounds allows the manufacturer or supplier to easily increase the weight of eggs by 1.5, 2 times.

How not to fall for a “trick” when buying caviar?

Recognizing such an affordable and cheap way to “resurrect” spoiled red caviar is very simple.

Fresh natural eggs do not contain synthetic chemical compounds that hold water. And if you press on fresh natural eggs, you will get a spot with homogeneous structure. This is because the structure of caviar is uniform outside and inside.

In the case of the spoiled eggs, in which moisture (water) is retained with the help of various synthetic chemical additives,  the eggs easily burst even with a slight pressure, releasing the water contained in them.

Fresh caviar is characterized by substantial and really tangible elasticity. Fresh eggs are difficult to crush even in the mouth. When pressed with a  tongue, they spring and do not burst for a long time. Such properties indicate real freshness of caviar.

To be sure that the caviar is high-quality and fresh it is enough to ask the seller for only one egg and try to crush it with your fingers. If you can do it easily, then the product is clearly of poor quality.

Canned red caviar: specifics of choice

Fresh caviar, which is packaged in cans, quickly deteriorates. To increase the shelf life, manufacturers add preservatives to the canned caviar. The most dangerous preservative harmful to consumer health is urotropin. The danger of this preservative to humans is the fact that in the human body it quickly breaks down into formaldehyde compounds, which cause rapid cell death. Therefore, formaldehydes can be compared with cytotoxins, that is, with cell poisons.

Formaldehyde is dangerous for the lungs, kidneys, human eyes. In addition to the effects already listed, formaldehyde can cause severe allergic reactions. It is capable of causing various oncological diseases.

Formaldehyde has an extremely negative effect on neurons (cells of the nervous system), which leads to a violation of behavioral reactions, causing increased irritability, nervousness, and fatigue.

Fortunately, caviar containing urotropin can be distinguished by taste. This caviar has a slightly sweet taste.

The prevalence of the use of urotropine in the processing and packaging of red caviar is due to its cheapness.

In EU countries, urotropin has long been a banned dietary supplement, since it causes real harm to human health.

The main rules for choosing high-quality red caviar

Therefore, to minimize the likelihood of acquiring caviar containing urotropin, one should prefer a can of red caviar, in which not urotropin , but sorbic (E-200) or benzene acid (E-211) is added as a preservative.

When choosing red caviar packaged in cans, it is necessary to pay attention to the production date indicated on the bottom of the  container. First goes the date.  Secondly, the high-quality caviar should be packed during the spawning period of the fish from which it is obtained.

How should be the caviar in the bank look like?

After opening the can with caviar, it is necessary to pour it. If it crumbles like rice, then such caviar is definitely artificial. Natural eggs are distinguished by a natural tight fit to each other, which ensures reliable retention of eggs even in an inverted open jar.

If canned red caviar is sold at a low price, it is a clear sign of fraud. Artificial red caviar is a very cheap product, based on the cost of its production. Since its basis is ordinary gelatin with dyes, flavors and flavor enhancers  added during the production process.

Another way to extend the shelf life of caviar is to pre-freeze it. Pre-frozen red caviar can also be easily distinguished. In banks with such caviar, you will always find traces of mucus.

How to distinguish really high-quality canned red caviar?

Such caviar eggs fit tightly enough to each other, and you can easily build, for example, a stable “pyramid” or “tower” from them.



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