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Men’s health and black caviar

black and red caviar for men's health

Historically, Sons of Heaven (the Chinese Emperors) enjoyed black caviar. The untouchables regularly consumed caviar delicacy before sharing the bed with the concubines to strengthen their sex drive and procreation. They believed that the miraculous property of black caviar can improve potency and rejuvenate the body. 

Sturgeon caviar was also “bread for love” among the ancient Persians. Warriors used the “plate of power” according to the recipe of the famous king Darius and called it the “blood shaking product.” 

And this is not accidental. After all, the black caviar nutrients contribute to the production of the male hormone – testosterone. And the hormone, in turn, is responsible for the libido or sex drive. 

According to the latest medical researches, caviar contains the amino acid arginine. It is known for its ability to expand peripheral vessels. Simply put, it increases blood flow to the genitals, improving the male potency. 

Modern Italian scientists conducted  the following experiment: subjects with potency problems were given red caviar daily with a small amount of vodka. As a result, 90% of the experiment participants coped with the problem of impotence, and also significantly improved the quality of sex – it became more lively and passionate.

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