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Far Eastern red sockeye caviar: how to choose fresh caviar?

The best recipes for snacks with red sockeye caviar

red caviar snacks

Granulated sockeye caviar is a selected delicacy of stable diameter and color. Among the various kinds of red caviar, the first place was taken by red salmon (sockeye salmon). Its small eggs are up to 3.5 mm, have a bright scarlet hue and a luxurious aftertaste, with light hints of walnut.

It is a great success to meet this Pacific fish and its caviar on the counter in the CIS , since sockeye is rarely found in the Russian seas.

Today, you can buy natural sockeye caviar even online and secure yourself the opportunity to taste a rare delicacy.

Culinary properties of red salmon caviar

ThePremiumlabel means that by opening the can you will receive a fresh, highquality product, with selected eggs, without excess liquid inside. Beautiful appearance and luxurious nutty flavors make the seafood delicacy perfect for formal celebrations and corporate feasts.

The cold sparkling wine is supposed to be served with tartlets or caviar snack sandwiches with sockeye caviar.

Those who love the spicy taste of sockeye caviar and appreciate the exceptional quality are recommended to buy it from trusted retailers.

Why do we recommend buying sockeye caviar only from trusted stores?

  • In the first 3 weeks after extraction, sockeye caviar has an amazing taste with pronounced nutty nuances.
  • Sockeye caviar should contain exclusively harmless lowdose preservatives that contribute to the longterm preservation of the product.
  • The caviar must be fresh. Fresh caviar is a natural source of omega9 which improves mood and strengthens the immune system.

What products are best to combine caviar with?

The light and unique taste of salmon caviar is suitable not only for snacks on the New Year’s table. There are many options for preparing and serving a healthy treat for every day!

Discover our special selection of red caviar recipesand you’ll definitely want to try something new!

Sandwich with sockeye caviar

This is an invariable buffet tradition! A rye crouton slice, a thin layer of butter and high quality red caviar are great for a light snack! By the way, it is easy to replace butter with soft cream cheesethe taste of such a snack will be simply exceptional!

Canape with sockeye caviar

Green cucumber, half a quail egg, a drop of delicious mayonnaise soy soufflé and a portion of red caviara unique and unusually tasty dish!

Rolls of red fish fillet with sockeye caviar

Gently wrap a slice of lightly salted salmon, add a small slice of wheat croutons, add a tablespoon of tartar sauce or ricotta and garnish with half a serving of red caviar. If desired, decorate with herbs such as dill feathers or shallots.

Such a delicacy melts in your mouth, caressing your taste buds!

Eggs Benedict with red caviar

The breakfast is light, hearty, simple to prepare and so delicious! Sweet melted egg yolk and red caviara delicious and vibrant mix. Try it, you will definitely like it!

Open appetizer pies with caviar

This treat can be used to set an exquisite table quickly and easily. Shortbread or puff pastry go well with sockeye caviar, and butter or cheese mousse perfectly complements it.

Cooked prawns with garlic, lightly salted or smoked fish, cucumber slices can be added to pies as desired, and green vegetables and small lemon slices are recommended for decoration.

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