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Coho salmon - what kind of fish is this?

Restaurateurs and ordinary people feel in love with the valuable salted coho salmon caviar

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Coho salmon (silver salmon) belongs to the salmon family, it is quite large. In some cases, its weight reaches 16 kilograms, sometimes even individuals up to a meter in length are found. A distinctive feature not typical for other salmonids is the bright silvery color of the scales.

An amazingly beautiful silver fish shimmers in the sun. In Japan and America, coho salmon is called “silver salmon”. In Russia in ancient times it was called “white fish“.

Why are there so many coho salmon?

In addition to its imposing size and shiny silver color, the coho salmon’s distinctive features include impressive bone plates on its head. Unlike other salmonids, the tail of the coho salmon is short and high.

By these features, it is easy to distinguish it from other representatives of the genus Salmonidae: salmon, chum salmon, trout, sockeye salmon and others.

The taste properties of the meat and caviar of silver salmon have become fatal. In this regard, the “hunt” for fish of this genus has become the largest scale, and the number of fish in this population is inevitably decreasing. Every year its representatives are becoming less and less.

The taste and nutritional properties of salmon fillets are quite high. Juicy, tasty and tender meat of this fish is used to prepare various dishes in the most popular restaurants in the world. Dishes with coho salmon are striking in their variety. Boiled, fried, salted, baked, smoked coho salmon, fish soup, steaks and BBQ – coho salmon is delicious in all its forms.

Fishermen hunt not only for the finest red coho meat, but also for its caviar, which is a delicacy of rare taste.

Are you attentive to health issues?

This caviar is number 1 in the ranking of salmon caviar.

Professionals know that coho salmon caviar is in the first place in terms of usefulness among different varieties. Due to its unique vitamin composition and saturation with vitamin D, salmon caviar is recommended for people with poor health, the elderly and young children.

Coho salmon roe is rare caviar, which many do not even know about.

  • This is real royal caviar, which is often served during diplomatic receptions. It looks really luxurious and immediately causes an appetite. It has a beautiful orange hue, exquisite smell, perfect spherical eggs from 3 to 5 mm.
  • The taste of salted salmon roe can be characterized as very rich, juicy and spicy. And in combination with different types of bread and other products, it gives a variety of sensations – a real assortment of tastes!

Coho salmon is salmon, the amount of which is especially small, for example, in comparison with pink salmon. Because of the color of the scales, it was named “silver salmon” and “white fish”, but it is interesting that during breeding, the females turn crimson. During spawning, the female can bring up to a kilogram of eggs.

One of the main habitats of coho salmon is the Kamchatka coast, which makes it possible to organize fishing there. The average fish reaches 60 to 80 cm in length, and its weight varies from three to four kilograms.

Coho salmon usually spawn from late June to December. Depending on the fishing season, it is divided into summer (September-October), autumn (November) and winter (December).

Among other things, this species is considered the best in taste. Its meat has a deep red color, darker than that of other salmonids (with the exception of sockeye salmon). It is considered more tender and fatty than pink salmon, so it is used, among other things, for the preparation of festive dishes. Thanks to this, coho salmon fillet and caviar is included in the menu of many restaurants.

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