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Chum salmon caviar – the secret of success of the Far Eastern delicacy

Why is chum salmon caviar the best, according to producers and buyers?

chum salmon caviar

Far Eastern chum salmon is the second largest fish in the Far East, which originates from the salmon family. The first is pink salmon, and they both live in the northern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean.

Let’s start with an awesome fact for a potential producer: chum salmon caviar is produced and is available for sale already after reaching the maturity of the fish, which takes only 3 years. Such speed is a completely unique result for salmon and sturgeon.

 Chum salmon caviar has the largest grain among all the salmon family. The size of the eggs is 6-9 mm, and often reaches a record 10 mm.

Due to its size, chum salmon caviar has a rich sweet taste and attractive smell. This is highly appreciated by culinary experts around the world.

Red caviar is a valuable food product. It contains a large number of minerals and amino acids, proteins and unsaturated acids that stimulate brain activity.

Snacks with good, fresh chum salmon caviar prevent blood clots, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and several types of cancer, normalize blood circulation, smooth the surface of the skin, strengthen nails, hair and generally have a prominent anti-aging effect on the female and male organism.

How to choose the best chum salmon caviar?

  • The real caviar of chum salmon (royal) has large red-orange grains. They are rich in potassium, phosphorus, lecithin, amino acids.
  • Chum salmon caviar should be made without additional preservatives (except salt), such products are usually fresh-frozen. A moderate amount of permitted preservatives is allowed in the composition.
  • Chum salmon caviar contains up to 18% omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, up to 30% easily digestible proteins. It surpasses meat in calories and energy value.
  • The price of the jar should not be significantly underestimated (if you look at a product with a low price tag, most likely it is a fake or low-quality product).

Which caviar is better – chum or pink salmon?

The most popular red caviar in Russia comes from two types of salmon fish: pink salmon and chum salmon (Far Eastern chinook salmon). Anonymous polls give priority to the very chum salmon caviar (according to consumers). Because of this, the price of chum salmon caviar is slightly higher than that of other types of red caviar.

However, many restaurateurs do not choose their leader, using both types of salmon fish in their festive and exclusive dishes. Both the luxurious sweetish taste of chum salmon caviar and the pungent smell of pink salmon caviar find their connoisseurs among gourmets.

Recipes with Chum Salmon Caviar

  • When choosing caviar for making snacks, make sure that it is not crushed, smooth, not dry and does not have a bitter taste. A good caviar product looks perfect – “an egg to an egg”.
  • In any situation, red caviar acts very organically. You can put it in an aggressive environment (with vinegar, spicy sauce or horseradish) or in the sweetest food (with butter, bechamel sauce or sour cream).
  • Prepare little salad plates with red chum salmon caviar. The original presentation and the delicious and delicate taste of the salad with red fish, shrimp, large orange caviar eggs and creamy sauce will certainly surprise your guests!
  • If you want to keep your chum salmon caviar fresh and moist, add couple of lemon slices and cover the dish. Then place the caviar on the coldest shelf of the refrigerator. In such a way it will remain fresh for a week. 
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