The recipe for tartlets with caviar

 tartlets with caviar

Tartlets with caviar and cream cheese is the pinnacle of elegance and a sign of good taste of the host of the evening. This is a favorite snack at diplomatic routs, honorary receptions and elite parties. At the same time, in order to cook an appetizer according to the recipe with caviar in tartlets, you do not need to have a special gift for cooking. Moreover, these bread rolls are sold ready-made.

To make these light, stylish snacks, use homemade red, black, or other fish caviar. The caviar tartlets recipe is extremely simple.

For this recipe for tartlets with caviar we need:

  • Red caviar
  • Black caviar
  • Cream cheese
  • Tartlets.

Following a simple recipe for tartlets with caviar, the first thing we take two types of caviar. Caviar for tartlets is perfectly combined with different types of alcohol, which makes it universal for a snack table. We fill the tartlets with cream cheese and on top, we put red and black caviar in half. This recipe for tartlets with caviar is very common but does not lose its relevance and elitism. After all, who will get tired of the delicacy?

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