Recipes with black caviar Bester for your festive table

Our partner caviar brand Bester spoke about incredibly delicious recipes with caviar

pancakes with caviar

These culinary tips will help you surprise guests at your party without effort so you could just have fun. There is no need to expect a significant calendar date. Whatever your taste preferences and level of culinary skills may be, even if you don’t have much free time, black caviar will easily make your table more luxurious and presentable!

The easiest way to enjoy caviar is to drink delicious champagne with it. The sweet and sometimes buttery taste of caviar is perfect for a party and goes well with your favorite champagne, adding luxury to the evening. Remember that this type of snack increases your immunity. In the end, caviar is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, B6, B12, iron, magnesium and selenium, as well as other valuable vitamins and minerals that can help strengthen your immune system.

Classic pancakes with caviar

Who doesn’t like pancakes for breakfast? The most popular way to enjoy caviar is to cook traditional pancakes for it. You can also add other toppings to pancakes. For example, crushed egg yolk, smoked salmon, herbs and so on.

Caviar Omelet

Another great appetizer, suitable not only for a hearty breakfast, but also for a light snack is an omelet with black caviar on toast. The delicate taste of well beaten eggs and natural black caviar will make your day grandiose from the very beginning. In addition, such a breakfast or lunch can fully saturate without overflowing the stomach.

Spaghetti with caviar

It is very simple to prepare such a compelling dish with caviar. This dinner is impressive in its appearance, not to mention the taste. Thin spaghetti with sauce served with fried breadcrumbs and black caviar.

Caviar with tuna tartare

Sushi lovers should look for a new tuna tartare recipe with black caviar. A distinctive feature of this caviar tartare is the variety of layers that explode with different tastes with every bite. How to cook a delicious tartare with caviar? It is worth starting with chopped avocado and cucumber, then lay out a layer of chopped pickled tuna, jalapenos and sesame seeds and cover with slices of cucumber and sturgeon caviar.

Potato flapjacks under sturgeon caviar

Grated potato pancakes are just perfect for eating them with light-salted caviar and sour cream! Flapjacks, crispy on top and soft inside, are beautifully combined with the creamy taste of sour cream, and the brilliant taste of sturgeon caviar complements the picture and gives an authentic culinary delight!

Poached egg with sturgeon caviar

A poached egg with rye croutons, caviar and balsamic sauce is an amazingly tasty story for an afternoon snack. Dip a crispy fried cracker with a golden crust into the flowing yolk, add some protein and a serving of black caviar and … enjoy.

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