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Interesting facts from the history of caviar

Interesting facts from the history of red and black caviar

The story teaches that black caviar is not just a luxury item, but also a product that can save lives! 

An employee of the Hermitage was the victim of blockade at an early age. She said that before the introduction of food cards in the fish store near her house there were some remains of black caviar left. It was a rather expensive and incomprehensible product at that time. Definitely not the first necessity. 

“We bought a large can, which, in general, saved our lives,” the woman said. 

Moreover, black caviar was added to the rations of the military pilots. It was considered a vital product. It is not surprising, because caviar is rich in all important vitamins and minerals. 

Naturally, during the First World War and the Civil War, no one cared about sturgeon fishing. Desperate times. Therefore, catching fell sharply, and the fish population, of course, increased. 

However, sturgeon fishing again began to take up and deserved special attention already in the postwar years. After the break, there was plenty of fish and, therefore, caviar, so it was not too expensive. 

The export of “black gold” was one of the factors that allowed the Soviet Union to conduct industrialization at an unprecedented pace in the 1920s and 30s. Export of caviar made up to 10% of the national income. 

Surprisingly, but fact. Red caviar which is such an expensive delicacy in our times, was not appreciated decades ago. 

A hundred years ago, some peoples of Kamchatka, Sakhalin and the Kuril archipelago threw red caviar away, along with fish entrails. They have been getting rid of it because it spoiled quickly, leading to poisoning. People started to save it only at the end of the XIX century. 

Moreover, red caviar was one of the cheapest food items for Far Eastern fishermen. They cooked it immediately after extraction and dried it for preservation. 

By the way, in the 80s of the last century, pediatricians strongly recommended giving children red caviar as a panacea for low hemoglobin and iron. Of course, the caviar product itself is not a medicine, but nutritionists believe that its proteins are useful for the cardiovascular system, brain activity and vision. Microelements stored in red caviar and black caviar are also known to increase immunity. 

Today it is one of the elite products that not everyone can afford and not as often as we would like to. Nevertheless, it is recommended to pamper yourself not only with delicious, but also with an extremely useful delicacy at least once a week.

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