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What alcohol is the best choice to drink with caviar

What alcohol is the best choice to drink with caviar

A meal can’t be considered complete without drinks. As Fedor Chaliapin said, ”You don’t snack with caviar, you wash it down with vodka“. Caviar can be combined with a wide range of drinks, ranging from classic options, such as vodka and champagne, to more unexpected tastes of sherry and sake.

Vodka and caviar

This traditional Russian couple is perhaps the most famous combination because vodka perfectly complements caviar. When serving ice, the pure aroma of excellent vodka will emphasize the specific taste of the high-quality caviar without overloading it.

Champagne and caviar

Champagne bubbles emphasize the salty taste of caviar. And when it comes to combining sparkler with the luxurious taste of caviar, it’s hard to make a mistake with French champagne.

White wine and caviar

Caviar is great for dry white wines. But we recommend looking for wines with a bit more residual sugar, such as Riesling or Chenin Blanc. Chardonnay is also good and universal.

Dessert Wine and Caviar

Do not be afraid to try sweet wines with caviar. You might think that it will be too intense, but this combination is surprisingly tasty.

Sake and Caviar

Caviar works very well in Japanese dishes. So it’s not surprising that it also goes well with sake. Cold sake is the best option. 

Water and Caviar

Crispy, pure sparkling water served with ice and a slice of lemon perfectly complements the caviar without drowning its delicate taste.


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