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Global market of sturgeon breeding and caviar production 

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Global market of sturgeon breeding and caviar production 

Caviar remains one of the most luxurious and delicious appetizers seen on the table on the most popular holidays. Therefore, the caviar market is constantly growing and improving. But keeping track of good breeding practices and market trends is not so simple. 

It is known that due to the artificial reproduction carried out since the middle of the last century, the reserves of beluga (almost 98%), Russian sturgeon (70%), stellate sturgeon (56%) were restored in the Volga-Caspian waters. The active development of the commodity sturgeon breeding allows to supplement the consumer market with valuable gourmet products. 

Due to the fact that sturgeon aquaculture has been developed not so long ago, the following processes should be noted as the urgent issues of the market development: 

– protection of the domestic caviar market from the expansion of the imported products; 

– protecting the market from the smuggled products; 

– further expansion of the range of cultivated species and hybrid forms of sturgeons; 

– improving methods for managing the sexual cycles of sturgeons and ensuring guaranteed caviar production at any time of the year; 

– intravital production of caviar without hormonal preparations; 

– management of the sex composition of fish broods; 

– control of caviar consumer qualities (taste, color and size of caviar grains). 

– control of the excellent quality and freshness of the product

– compliance with sanitary standards, storage rules, as well as the use of the environmentally friendly caviar production methods.

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