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Sturgeon species used for production of black caviar

Sturgeon species used for production of black caviar

Black caviar is very diverse. It is produced by different types of fish, and it affects the taste, the size and the color of eggs. It is important to understand which varieties of sturgeon give the most valuable black caviar with excellent taste. Here are the most popular  of them.

Beluga is a rare species of sturgeon. Beluga fish can live up to 100 years. It is famous for its impressive size (up to 6 meters in length and weighing over 600 kg.) However, the beluga is not able to grow to such a size in the wild today. It gives a delicacy with a refined flavor and slightly nutty aftertaste. Beluga caviar is considered the best sort of black caviar, larger eggs and low fat content. Due to the fact that beluga is a fairly scarce fish, its caviar is not cheap at all. 

Another common specimen is sturgeon. This fish is impressive not only due to its size, but also due to its weight which can be over 200 kilograms. Sturgeon caviar reveals a whole palette of flavoring shades. The peculiarity of sturgeon caviar is that it has a slight iodine flavor and a nutty creamy aftertaste. It is interesting that even young sturgeon produce large eggs which are mainly of a dark golden color. 

A distinctive feature of the stellate sturgeon caviar is that it is more rich in fats than other sorts, but it has the smallest grain size. This fish can lay eggs earlier than other sturgeon species. It has a slight taste of iodine and a subtle smell of fish.


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