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Selection of wines for caviar

The best wine for appetizers with beluga, stellate sturgeon, sturgeon and salmon caviar


wine for black and red caviar

The taste of sturgeon caviar and wine works exactly the same as the ideal union of a man and a woman. The wine can also be sparkling (champagne). We would like to share with you the most compatible gourmet couples.

The Canadian white sturgeon is perfect for Pinot Noir wine. You can also match it with caviar of golden white fish and salmon.

Rosé is perfectly combined with Canadian white sturgeon, black caviar and trout.

Classic Sauvignon Blanc is in harmony with salmon, trout and caviar of golden white fish.

Chardonnay harmoniously goes with beluga, Canadian white sturgeon and black caviar.

Blanc de Noir will make a magnificent pair with beluga caviar and the Imperial Sturgeon.

Brut perfectly complements the caviar of the Venetian and Siberian sturgeon.

Blanc de Noir is a sweet Austrian wine that pleasantly surprises with its softness and flexibility. It will make an excellent company for both black and red caviar.

Blanc de Blancs is white champagne made exclusively from white grape varieties. It is best combined with white sturgeon, trout or red caviar.


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