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Key features of a quality black caviar

quaity black caviar

Caviar is quite an expensive treat, and unnatural caviar can cause severe health problems.  It is not surprising that consumers are afraid to buy fake or spoiled goods. Visually, it is difficult to determine the originality of the sturgeon product. 

However, there are several life hacks that help determine that the product is NOT worth your money.  Let’s list the most important features of the high-quality natural caviar:

  • Eggs should not stick together 
  • The versatility of caviar speaks of its quality. If you see bursting eggs or some strange liquid in the caviar jar, don’t buy it.
  • Light gray grains. The highest grade of delicacy is distinguished by its light gray color. Deep black is okay only for the first caviar grade (classic). This is due to the fact that large eggs are more transparent, and the black color turns into graphite. 
  • Caviar does not have odors, especially the smell of fish or silt
  • High-quality sturgeon caviar does not have any specific smell of seafood. But their smell can resemble the sea. 
  • Quality black caviar is sold in glass and tin cans. Glass packaging allows you to immediately evaluate the type of caviar, its color and grain size. Keep in mind that pasteurized caviar can be stored in a glass jar for no more than 12 months.
  • Checking the quality of caviar in tin containers is more difficult. Experts recommend shaking the jar. If the caviar “hangs” inside and there is a feeling that the jar is half full of liquid, put it back on the shelf. This caviar is of poor quality.

Switch from synthetic dietary supplements of dubious origin to a natural and pure product!


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