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How to choose a quality and delicious beluga caviar?

delicious beluga cavia

You should never buy beluga caviar, not knowing the method of fishing. Aquaculture farms produce only environmentally friendly product. Avoid buying poaching seafood, even if it is cheaper. It can do terrible harm to your health. 

It is worth buying caviar only from the official manufacturers. As a rule, such companies own their own sturgeon enterprises, where sturgeon are grown. Mistakes in choosing a delicacy can be prevented by knowing a few rules:

  • appearance: the unsaturated black colour is ideal, but it is worth remembering that the colour of caviar depends on the specific type of fish;
  • taste and smell: a real delicacy does not have a pronounced smell of fish, it has a slight marine aroma. The taste is very delicate, creamy nutty, slight bitterness is acceptable, but if a strong bitter aftertaste appears, you are probably dealing with a spoiled product;
  • documentation and containers: the best quality product is sold in cans or glass jars, you should carefully study the composition of the package – there should not be any preservatives in the first-class product, only the delicacy and salt itself. Check the papers, primarily a CITES certificate certifying that caviar is obtained from fish grown in aquaculture.
  • cost: this is an expensive pleasure, therefore its price is appropriate, even 50 grams of the product will not be cheap, this is due to the fact that the delicacy is obtained from rare fish, and the extraction process is costly.

Indicators of weight: sturgeon caviar is called “black gold”, and as a noble metal, its weight is measured in grams and ounces, which is indicated on the package. 

  • contents of the package: fake caviar eggs have strictly the same colour, size and similar shape. In real caviar, a slight deviation in the size and colour of the eggs is permissible, and inside the eggs, the core ( the so-called “eye”)  must necessarily be noticeable.
  • the packaging should be airtight: when you open the glass jar you should hear light cotton, this is a sign that the jar was closed under vacuum.
  • place of purchase: do not buy caviar in the subway, at train stations, warehouses, streets, in other uninhabited places – the official producer always has a sales outlet, decorated in accordance with all the rules. 

Adhering to simple but useful tips, you can avoid buying a low-quality product.

What is the difference between legal caviar and poaching?

The difference can be explained in one word “security”, both in the legal and in the consumer sense of the word. 

Since 2013, the criminal liability was introduced in Russia not only for the smuggling of sturgeon and black caviar but also for the acquisition of poaching caviar. Poaching caviar is caviar obtained from wild fish illegally caught. To catch fish and not be caught by themselves, the poacher often acts like this: puts nets in the river and checks them once every few days. Thus, often a fish suffocating in gear can lie in the water for a long time, decomposition processes begin in it, which, of course, affects the taste of caviar and its safety for health.

Legal caviar is taken only from alive fish and immediately goes to processing. The caviar workshop maintains a cool temperature – this is a strict technological requirement. Specialists working with caviar do not remove masks and gloves at all stages of caviar processing – thereby completely eliminating the contact of any bacteria with the product. Only sterile equipment, equipment and containers are used, and only specially prepared, clean filtered water without pathogenic microorganisms is used for washing raw caviar and equipment.

Poaching caviar is literally “on the knee”, hastily, with gross violations of sanitary standards. It is processed in any weather – accordingly, in the heat, pathogenic bacteria will multiply in the caviar. Inventory and containers are washed with water from the nearest body of water (we all know about the ecological status of water bodies in our country, where industrial and household waste, etc. are regularly dumped). In the manufacture of caviar, poachers add preservatives and additives that are forbidden to use to caviar, which is designed to drown out the unpleasant aftertaste and smell, in fact, of a spoiled product.

Legal caviar is produced in compliance with all technological and sanitary conditions, poaching – with their gross violation. Legal caviar is obtained from live fish, poaching – more often from deceased. The official manufacturer uses safe, approved preservatives, poachers – hazardous to human health, not used in the food industry.

Poachers bear minimal costs, do not pay taxes and do not give any guarantees. Of course, their product is cheaper. But not enough to risk their health for the sake of a delicacy of dubious quality. We urge everyone to consume responsibly and oppose poaching. By purchasing caviar from an official producer, the consumer receives a real, tasty, healthy, environmentally friendly and safe product, produced in compliance with all necessary standards and legally authorized for sale. 

Be aware of the above mentioned facts when purchasing beluga caviar and stay healthy!


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