Black Caviar

Familiar products: true and false facts

Myths about familiar products

black caviar recipe

  • Chocolate balls can be prepared not only from fresh biscuit, but also from a spoiled product with an expired shelf life, masking it with condensed milk, sugar, chocolate waste (cocoa powder), as well as alcohol (true).
  • Cakes with buttercream are the most dangerous as bacteria multiply there much faster than, for example, in cakes with protein cream (true).
  • Condensation on a transparent plastic bag with a cake or pastry indicates the freshness of the product (myth).
  • Sweet cakes and cakes partially relieve vasospasm after stressful situations because they contribute to the production of the hormone of joy (true).
  • To burn 403 kcal after eating 100 g of Napoleon cake, you need to run 4750 m (true).
  • Choux pastry (220 kcal) is the lowest calorie dough compared to other types of dough: shortbread (450 kcal), follio (400 kcal), biscuit (300 kcal) and yeast (274 kcal) (true).
  • Eclairs are the highest calorie cakes (myth).
  • Custard (180 kcal) is the lowest calorie compared to other creams: butter (350 kcal), condensed milk (315 kcal), cream (250 kcal), protein (200 kcal) (true).
  • It is useful to drink sweet soda, juice or tea with lemon after eating pastries and cakes, which include preservative 210 (vitamin C) (myth).
  • A cup (250 ml) of tea can be sweetened with 2-3 stevia leaves (true).
  • The use of margarine products does not cause problems with the cardiovascular system (myth).
  • High-quality ketchup has a fairly thick consistency (myth).
  • Natural ketchup has a rich red color (myth).
  • Walnut fruit help to cope with depression, because they positively affect the nervous system (true).
  • Lighting fluorescent lamps on the upper shelves of store racks affects the quality of bottled wine (myth).
  • Bottled wine, located in stores near the front doors, is not “afraid” of temperature changes (myth).
  • You can lose weight on pasta (myth).
  • Buckwheat and rice are the champions among cereals for the accumulation of heavy metals, which must be washed well before cooking and then soaked in water for 15 minutes (true).
  • Millet porridge improves memory, hair and skin condition, and also removes toxins (true).
  • Potato chips reduce brain activity, reducing a person’s ability to concentrate and remember (true).
  • Potato chips in a sealed package have a very long shelf life (myth).
  • After eating chocolate, it’s hard to fall asleep (true).
  • Porous chocolate of good quality costs the same as regular chocolate of the same line (myth).
  • If the fish does not smell anything – it is of good quality (myth).
  • Artificial caviar is soluble in water (true)
  • Crab sticks are made from crab meat (myth)
  • Champagne is the most traditional caviar pairing (myth) 
  • You should chew caviar (myth)
  • Caviar is traditionally enjoyed with a silver spoon (myth).
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