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Caviar combinations for gourmets

osetra caviar recipes for gourmets

True gourmets are not afraid of experiments with caviar. Not many people decide on bold combinations, but the most courageous caviar lovers discover truly amazing tastes. 

The Germans say that black caviar is great to serve with good white chocolate. They say that their chemical composition is somewhat similar. 

Much more people recommend shading the taste of black caviar with strawberries. An unexpected combination, however, it tops the list of non-standard duets with black caviar. 

The hallmark of Marcus Wereing is his very luxurious appetizer salad made of burrata, peas, grapefruit, caviar and leek. 

Another famous chef Kevin Manjoll combines caviar with vegetables and dairy products. In his organic carrot, cooked in goat milk serum with caviar, watercress and goat cheese, he combines ingredients that seem incompatible but turn out to be very tasty. 

We would also recommend making a tartar of berries, adding black caviar (1:1) and a sprig of fresh mint. Pour balsamic sauce over the top, and you are guaranteed to get a fantastic gastronomic experience!


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