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Caviar as a natural immunostimulant

black caviar for health

News reports are crammed with the topic of the COVID19 virus. We want to remind you that coronavirus affects people who have a weak immune system. And black caviar as a proven immunomodulator will help strengthen it.

It is no accident that in the old days sturgeon caviar was the main ingredient in various decoctions and potions. Healers and wisemen used it quite often. After all, it is proved that black caviar is literally a storehouse of vitamins and amino acids. These microelements not only prolong human life, but also strengthen the body’s resistance to stress against various viruses.

Black caviar contains about 30% of highly valuable digestible proteins and 10–13% of easily digestible fats. The whole vitamin cocktail of groups A, E, D and group B is hidden in the caviar product. As well as amino acids, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Vitamins C and E play an important role in the fight against viruses and bacteria.

Black caviar is a natural immunostimulant that effectively increases the body’s resistance (its protective forces). You can lock yourself  in houses and drink chemistry to avoid viruses, or you can take care of your health right now!

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