Black Caviar

Black caviar of stellate sturgeon

Special characteristics of stellate sturgeon caviar

stellate sturgeon caviar

Stellate sturgeon is a special kind of fish, which is also called starry sturgeon, or sevruga. Stellate caviar has special characteristics, since the fish have been threatened with extinction for many years. Stellate sturgeon caviar can be found on sale very infrequently. Therefore, despite its small grain size, black stellate sturgeon caviar is considered a valuable and rare delicacy for gourmets.

Many may wonder how much a kilogram of black stellate sturgeon caviar costs. High-quality stellate sturgeon caviar in Moscow costs from 50,000 rubles per kilogram. This price is explained by the rarity of this species and the high risk of its extinction. Stellate sturgeon is listed in the Red List of Endangered Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. In addition, the price of high-quality stellate sturgeon is significantly different from the price tag, which can be seen on fake or poached caviar.

What is exciting, the female begins to lay black caviar earlier than her relatives. Already at the age of 7 to 10 years, the fish gives caviar, but the most surprising is that stellate caviar makes up about 12% of the weight of the fish itself. “Starry sturgeons” stop eating as soon as they begin to migrate. After spawning, they quickly return to the sea, where they begin to eat again. Stellate sturgeon itself is small in size with very tasty meat. The black caviar of stellate sturgeon is gray-black in color and is distinguished by small eggs.

Despite the fact that stellate sturgeon caviar is more caloric than black beluga or kaluga caviar, some useful properties in it exceed the value of other caviar products. For example, the proportion of protein in it is much larger, and therefore such black caviar as stellate sturgeon is good for the human body, especially for athletes and children. Moreover, the stellate sturgeon fish has a beneficial effect on the growing organism.

Black caviar from stellate sturgeon fish also serves as a quick and aristocratic snack on any table. This caviar product looks great and goes well with pancakes, crepes, boiled eggs and crackers. Moreover, 1 kilogram of black caviar is enough to enjoy not for one single day. Due to its small size and unique taste, stellate sturgeon eggs can be stored for a long time. However, when buying stellate sturgeon caviar, it is always worth checking with the shelf life indicated on the package.

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