Black Caviar

Black Beluga caviar

Beluga caviar is the most valuable black caviar

beluga caviar

Undoubtedly, Beluga which is also called “big sturgeon”, for some historical reasons, is an all-time favorite sturgeon species. Its black caviar is very valuable and rare, too.

It is common knowledge that beluga is the biggest of all sturgeons in the Caspian sea. The fish is approximately half a meter long, its weight can sometimes exceed 900 kilograms. Today it is not so difficult to buy beluga caviar, but it is important to make sure of its quality. So, why is black beluga caviar such an expensive and highly-valued delicacy along with golden caviar?

The fact is that a maturation cycle of a female Beluga sturgeon is rather long as egg production can require up to twenty-five years. Consistency of beluga caviar is granular, color varies from light gray to dark gray, sometimes almost black. Fish eggs can take up to twenty-five percent of the weight of beluga fish, although there are records of caviar that took up fifty percent.

If conditions and temperature are not conducive to spawning, beluga, like all sturgeons, can keep its black caviar for more than a season.

Typically, there are different varieties of beluga caviar depending on its color and size, which are indicated by zeros on tin. Surely this helps the buyer reliably identify the content. Thus, “000” marking means the lightest color and the largest eggs. In contrast, graduation “0” refers to the darkest and smallest roe. The rarest crop was marked “000”.

As a rule, Caspian beluga caviar is the most tender of all sturgeon caviar, despite the varying size and color gradations. The caviar is soft, quite oily, fragrant and elegant.

However, the most precious and rarest caviar is Beluga albino. It has golden amber hue which makes it look like scattering of real gold. Beluga albino caviar is worth tens of thousands euros. The price of golden beluga caviar depends on the place of sale and the weight of the female fish.

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