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Best caviar snacks for your dinner party

Best snacks of caviar for the celebration table

Best snacks of caviar for the celebration table

✨Caviar and champagne are the same New Year’s tradition, as “Die Hard” on the TV screens on Christmas’ Eve. 

👌Eating caviar with spoons is, of course, fantastic, but isn’t it better to make chic New Year snacks from it? Although the major holiday of winter has already taken place, there are still many celebrations when you can create the following delicacies: 

✔️Focaccia with cream cheese and halibut caviar. The old method of serving “caviar on the egg” 

✔️Focaccia with crab and caviar. The saltiness of caviar ennobles the tenderness of guacamole, and crab meat goes well with ripe tomatoes. 

✔️Eggs Benedict with caviar, salmon and spinach. The holiday will end sooner or later, and the recipe for a magnificent and status breakfast will be relevant!  🔥

Bon appetit and do not forget: we are what we eat!

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