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black caviar in diplomacy

Not surprisingly, that caviar is a treat for the upper strata of the population. Be that as it may, the class division still exists and will most likely exist. Caviar has always been considered a privilege of high society. This delicacy occupies a special place on the table of diplomats and business people. 

Recently, there was even such a thing as “caviar diplomacy”. This is a lobbying strategy which consists in inviting the foreign politicians and employees of international organizations to the country at the expense of the host. It also includes expensive gifts presented as a “tribute to the Eastern tradition.” Thus, one can “buy” the favor of state or company representatives. 

Of course, dinner parties cannot do without appetizers with red or black caviar. This happens at the official receptions and diplomatic events. For example, the business protocol and etiquette require specific menu options for a particular occasion. Almost all of them include black or red caviar as an element of the significance and status of the event. 

Historical documents on 20th-century diplomacy mentioned details of the official receptions in the Kremlin. “The menu of the diplomatic reception was as follows. The composition of the cold appetizers included: grained caviar and rasstefgeis”. 

Today, caviar is already considered a mandatory attribute of the reception, and not just in diplomatic circles. Now it is an element for the important business meetings and even for the VIP parties. The natural caviar delicacy shouts about the status of the host of the event and its hospitality. 

Thus, caviar has become not only an exceptional delicacy at feasts of “ladies and gentlemen”. It was also fixed as an element of etiquette for those who want to achieve recognition in high society.

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